Thursday, December 11, 2014


Just in time for the holidays, I'm back.  Getting caught up in work and not posting is a very bed habit that I get into.  Today let me do a quick tip on baking Super Sculpey.  Recently I re-sculpted my Big Violent Rabbit character.  The original big sculpture from 2001 was sold long ago so I made a new one.  The toaster oven I use for baking my sculptures is really nice one cubic foot of interior space, plus a timer.  It's a Hamilton Beach it might still be available through Amazon. 

Taller sculptures fit nicely, but I have to be aware how close the top of the sculpt is to the heating element.  In this case I will create heat shields out of doubled up foil, then alligator clips on armature wire to hold them in place.  All the baking with none of the burn.  Also I use a separate thermometer for temperature accuracy.  There is another piece of wire holding up his arm just so it doesn't sag, then after it's done I filled in the hole with a bit of epoxy putty.

He turned out nice, but still big and violent.

Friday, September 26, 2014


A fantastic 3 part series where I am interviewed about my art, process and other nonsense produced by Eric Minh Swenson is up and ready to watch here.  The first part I talk about animation and my
first efforts in stop motion animation.   The other two video are about
sculpting, and my general philosophies on the Pop art scene in Los
Angeles.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Take Your Robot For A Walk!

Take Your Robot For A at the Gabba Gallery is my next group show.  I'll have two new pieces in the show.  

The ultra flat paint sheen is what I go for, I mix gesso as well as matte medium into the paint as I build up the layers then finish with a flat varnish.  I will be at the opening hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The latest Episode of How To Do Everything With Garrick And Marvin is up.  How To Cook is the subject.  For this episode I wanted to rig an actual flame device for Marvin to light the coals.  A butane torch with an extended hose did the trick, ignition was achieved by a lit votive candle hidden in the fire pit.  Kevin Clash was on hand to puppeteer the monster.

We ended up having to cut a much bigger hole in the stage to accommodate the puppeteering.

Intern Sydney with a monster hand, that's the way she is normally.

We will be working on more soon Garrick And Marvin will be back.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


How To Do Everything With Garrick And Marvin has a new episode here.   The latest craft trend of rainbow loom bracelets doesn't seem to be too difficult for most people.  This was shot using about twenty thousand rubber bands.  At first I ordered five thousand thinking it would be plenty, they didn't even bury the characters.

Also getting the bands not to move around unnecessarily near impossible, so at a certain point we just move forward and make the show.

The monster puppet was made by my good friend a master puppeteer Kevin Clash, I was lucky he had time to help with my little production.  I made rough sketch and he was able to interpret the shape and make an awesome monster come to life for the show.  I rigged LED lights for the eyes, and sculpted the teeth and horns out of L-200 a dense yet flexible foam.  Kevin made the body and inner head and fur.   The monster is just the embodiment of mean, he will be making more appearances in future episodes.. 

Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I've been so busy on my latest project there's been no time to write about it.  "How To Do Everything With Garrick And Marvin"  Is my latest series of shorts for DreamWorks TV.  Garrick and Marvin, two enterprising but not very bright robots try to teach simple “How To” lessons using strange inventions and their lack of common sense. Also their efforts are occasionally sabotaged by a monster that inhabits their workshop.  Currently there are four episodes the first "How To Draw" is up now.

All of the animation and fabrication is done in my garage below my studio.  The animation puppets were sculpted molded then cast in resin for durability.  They were going to do a lot of action and get bashed around quite a bit.

The set was keep relatively small I wanted it to all fit in one half of my garage close to the tools and workshop.  The shooting of the animation was done with a Canon D5 Mark III  on the Dragonframe program.   The digital age is my friend I could not have done this even 5 years ago.

Check out the latest episode and I will have more behind the scenes info on the making of the shows.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


This Saturday May 17th Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters Tribute show.  All of the 80's special effects movies have a special place for me, it was the last big decade of practical Special Effects.  1994 was when I got involved in the visual effects industry and it felt like CG had really changed the business by 1998.
The piece I painted: "I Don't Feel So Good" is a tribute to the fading days of that specific time in movies.  Not on the nose symbolism but hopefully the overall feeling is there.

Of course I needed my vintage Slimer for reference.  Lately I've been painting with a more gritty loose style with more texture.  I will try some translucent colors for the background on future pieces.
I am about to embark on a big new project that I will be able to talk about in the next couple months, stay tuned for more info.