Friday, April 15, 2016


Preparing some new large paintings for High Altitude Robots showing in Telluride this August.
Getting the under paint down for some extra texture as I build up the layers.   More picks as I move forward with the work.

Monday, April 11, 2016


The new artwork series I am working on "High Altitude Robots"  is a series of 9X12" graphite pieces Getting back into my favorite subjects, Robots, Flying and clouds.

I will be releasing a few of these for sale soon, the rest will be at my gallery show in Telluride Co. this August at Gallery 81435 The last time I was able to get into this subject matter was 2008 with my Imaginary Skies exhibition in Palm Springs.  I'll post more work in progress in the coming weeks.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


This year started with a big project.  I was hired to illustrate a kids picture book.  In my career I have always wanted to do this work but was never able to get hired until now, a scant 20 years later.   That said I love the work, and have been doing a combination of hand drawn and digital.

After reading the manuscript I create the rough thumbnail drawings in Photoshop on my Cintique
At this stage there are so many changes it's easier to go back and do them in Photoshop.

Once the thumbnails are approved I print them out full size 11X17 and bring them to the light table I use 11X17 Bristle Board for the pencil drawing.   The light table is a great tool, once I get the layout right I want to go directly to the finished board.  Why torture yourself redrawing a good layout from scratch?   Also I still like using pencils on paper at this stage, thew line has a nice energy to it and I have my arsenal of pencils all figured out for various jobs.

For this book I use Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencils  HB and 3B.  HB for the lighter lines 3B for the dark lines.   If you can swing it once you find a pencil you like get a box I have an electric sharpener right on the desk I'll sharpen about 10 to start, I really hate stopping to look for the next sharp pencil.  Also it's good to have a little piece of sandpaper to get an extra sharp tip if you need it.

This is the work space, not very glamorous, but everything is in reach!  That Panasonic pencil sharpener has been working steadily for me since 1996 if you ever see one at a garage sale pick it up.

Here are a few techniques for pencil, if you have been drawing for a while there is probably nothing new here, but those of you craving some pointers, here we go....  Pull Curves  if you are drawing small curves you will have better control of your line if you pull the curve toward you in a counter clockwise manner.

For straight lines, Push them away from you.   Also turn your drawing paper to accommodate the direction you need to draw the line.

That said, I find that for bigger arcs our hands pivot from the wrist in a nice clockwise arc.  Try drawing a symetricle circle with  a clockwise arc of your hand and turning the paper.

Next thing, line weight.  Drawings are more dynamic if you vary the line weigh.  A basic principal is thinner lines on top, heavy lines at the bottom.  It will give weight to the drawing as well as break up the sameness of a uniform line through out the drawing.  Even with the mouth line on this drawing The line starts thinner and end flared.

Once I get the okay from the publisher I will talk more about the book, and show some of my basic coloring techniques.   After I finish the pencil drawings I scan them in and color in Photoshop.  Coloring in Photoshop is essential for the way I work, it allows notes and changes to be made to the color pieces quickly and efficiently.    More on that soon...

Saturday, January 23, 2016


We are now officially living in the future!   Except of all of the babies that were born this year and last year, we will all be firmly rooted tin their distant past.   Quite a few new things going on for this year I have to big gallery shows happening, August in Telluride Co and November in New Mexico.  New Mexico is going to be great I have never shown there before and am looking forward.

Starting off the new year in Telluride Co

Also for this year I am Illustrating a big book project, as it moves forward I will give more details, Even a little show and tell for the Illustration project.  With all the digital technology available I still like to do rough sketching on paper and digital, then ink the line, scan the art color in photoshop.

 The other big project is I have been offered a show at the Museum Of Art History in Lancaster CA for 2018.  This is very exciting!  Of course it will be about robots.  It's a couple years away but I will need all that time to put it together.  And if you want to come out to see the show you have a couple years to plan your trip!   This year I will have more "how to"  and I am developing some new animated TV projects that will hopefully be happening sometime this year.   More big things to come! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Thanks all who came to see the Robot Carnival at Gallery 1988.  It was fantastic group of artists and so nice to meet everyone, so often I'm just trapped in my studio working alone that I forget what it's like to get out and meet art fans and artists for a nice hang out.  This is my last LA art show until next year.   In January I will have a new piece in the Conjoined show curated by the always fantastic Chet Zar.  I promise you this new piece is like nothing else I have ever done, say tuned.  

Two other shows I'm doing for 2016; Telluride Co in August, and New Mexico in Nov.   New Mexico will be a first for me I'm looking forward.   And Telluride was such an amazing success I'm coming back.   I believe we will be open for the art walk in Aug 2016 if I survive the ski season!  No worries I'm taking it easy on the slopes these days.  More details soon and some WIP pics of my new creation for Conjoined 2016.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Anyone who is a fan of puppetry or more specifically a Muppet or Jim Henson enthusiast you must go to the Center For Puppetry Arts in Atlanta Georgia.  This permanent exhibit has more then the smithsonian when it comes to all things Jim Henson puppets from the earliest part of he and Jane Henson's career as well as personal items the light up paper mache moose head that was in his office for his whole career.

From Sam and Friends to Dog City this has museum has it all.   The world puppetry exhibit also has an amazing collection of historical puppets from all over the globe to stop motion puppets from Coraline, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Gumby and Pokey the original masks from Julie Tamor's Lion King and the list goes on!

If you live in the area or planning on going to Dragon-Con next Sept put this on your schedule!

you can see Emit Otter's row boat!

What about sprocket from Fraggle Rock?

Or this little known character who's name I can't remember.

They also have live performances, the next big show is Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.
Someone thought I look a bit like Hank the Elf, they may have a point.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Just a few more days and the Robot Carnival leaves town.  The art will be available at the Gallery 1988 Website for a while after the show closes.

We had a great opening night, thanks for all who came down.  At one point the Robot Tightrope Riders took a fall, due to my faulty engineering.  After a little super glue and some pliers it was back up and running.

Hung out with some great people and artist!

Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus

Photographer Frank Schaefer

Artists Shane Geil and Anthony Ausgang 

Artist Robbie Conal and his wife Deborah Ross
(I was telling them about how big my hair used to be)

Fixing the tightrope.

Robbie, Deborah, and my partner in the show Mark Bryan 

Young artists, with the old artist.

Women love robots.

Discussing the finer points of ridiculous cartoons with Tom Stern.

Everyone hoping it will stay up in the air.

The show officially closes on Sat Nov 7th.  I'll keep you all posted on more upcoming shows and  events!