Wednesday, August 20, 2008


While I was in Beijing I visited the 798 Art Zone. Formerly a weapons and electronics factory complex now a sprawling gallery complex. It's evident that the art community in China has much to say and express. I wish I could have taken more pictures in the galleries to show more of the amazing work on display.

The Entrance, me blocking the sign.

Coffee On The Roof. Love this place, one of the many cool cafes in the 798 complex.
This one is like have coffee in a tree house.

Old Maoist slogans are still visible on the ceiling arches.

I lost the card from this gallery. Cool pop art sculpts, with various mythical Chinese character heads on Mao and communist worker bodies.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had the great pleasure to hang out with the pleasant and talented Nathan Jurevicius at Munkey King for the release of the Monkey King vinyl figure. The toy is amazing and it was more than a pleasure to sculpt and work with Nathan on this project.

And just to add to the event Robin Williams a big NJ fan dropped by to pic up his figures. Always happening at the MK Melrose.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Back from the wedding month. From the week of the wedding, to the honey moon, then to China for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I'm suffering from a bad case of "Mao's Revenge" and am not quite right yet. When I get my energy back this week I've got lot's to show and tell. From the 798 Art space, and old weapons factory that is now an amazing gallery art complex. To the The Gift Shop in Mao's Tomb, Very Classy!

Even in the heart of Beijing unintentional hilarity blossoms.