Thursday, December 11, 2014


Just in time for the holidays, I'm back.  Getting caught up in work and not posting is a very bed habit that I get into.  Today let me do a quick tip on baking Super Sculpey.  Recently I re-sculpted my Big Violent Rabbit character.  The original big sculpture from 2001 was sold long ago so I made a new one.  The toaster oven I use for baking my sculptures is really nice one cubic foot of interior space, plus a timer.  It's a Hamilton Beach it might still be available through Amazon. 

Taller sculptures fit nicely, but I have to be aware how close the top of the sculpt is to the heating element.  In this case I will create heat shields out of doubled up foil, then alligator clips on armature wire to hold them in place.  All the baking with none of the burn.  Also I use a separate thermometer for temperature accuracy.  There is another piece of wire holding up his arm just so it doesn't sag, then after it's done I filled in the hole with a bit of epoxy putty.

He turned out nice, but still big and violent.