Thursday, May 15, 2014


This Saturday May 17th Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters Tribute show.  All of the 80's special effects movies have a special place for me, it was the last big decade of practical Special Effects.  1994 was when I got involved in the visual effects industry and it felt like CG had really changed the business by 1998.
The piece I painted: "I Don't Feel So Good" is a tribute to the fading days of that specific time in movies.  Not on the nose symbolism but hopefully the overall feeling is there.

Of course I needed my vintage Slimer for reference.  Lately I've been painting with a more gritty loose style with more texture.  I will try some translucent colors for the background on future pieces.
I am about to embark on a big new project that I will be able to talk about in the next couple months, stay tuned for more info.