Sunday, June 17, 2018


Very Exciting news; This August 4th is the opening of The Robot Show at the Museum Of Art & History in Lancaster California.   My solo exhibition in the main gallery is titled; “Idea To Object” it is a retrospective of my art works from the last 25 years.  The Show runs from August 4th to September 30th 2018.  My narrative of the show is to demystify the creative process, show a glimpse behind the curtain How did that drawing / painting / sculpture / animation come to be created?  As someone whose worked in all these mediums, I've had to figure that out a lot throughout my life. And that's the central question of my upcoming retrospective at MOAH: How does an idea become an object?

In addition to the art their will be a book and a documentary. Also I am recreating my home studio in the museum for the duration of the show It’s quite an amazing opportunity and an honor.  There are also many other talented robot artists in the other gallery rooms.
The opening reception will be Saturday August 4th from 2 to 6 PM Hope you can make it!!!

Friday, June 1, 2018


My Idea To Object show is coming up in August, as part of the show I will be offering a 8 inch tall printed "Shut Up And Draw!" robot figure, Hand painted by myself and limited edition.  Also with it's own custom Staedler Pencil.

The figure is digitally sculpted by Phil Ramirez and produced by Pretty In Plastic.

Information on ordering this figure will be coming soon!  Also I am sculpting several large robots for the show, as well as a life size Shut Up And Draw! Robot.

There is still more finishing work to be done.   Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!