Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Conjoined Sculptural Show January 2018 I will be exhibiting this Astro Sloth bust.  A full size head sculpt, cast in resin and Hand painted, it will be mounted on a pedestal wearing an actual high altitude pressure helmet ready to go bravely into new space adventures.

Sculpted with Medium firm Sulphur Free Chavant Clay.  The lager sculpt was based on the same proportions as the miniature full body sculpt.  

I had to keep checking the fit in the helmet, I would wrap the sculpt in plastic so clay wouldn't rub off on the inside of the helmet 

This is the final head casting next to the first "Trash Cast" on the right.  The trash casting is mostly to clean out the mold and test the batch of resin.  Also it then can be used for painting tests etc.
The final paint was acrylic brushed by hand.  Now I am fitting the helmet and building the base.  More pictures will be posted after the holidays of the finished piece.  
Cheers, and happy holidays!