Monday, January 7, 2019

WHAT'S NEW FOR 2019!??

Ringing in the new year has always been a pensive time for me.  On the one hand a new year full of possibilities is rolled out in front of us.  On the other hand the anxiety of where will my next gig come from?  That is the new year tension that most freelancers can face, this was much more of a problem when I was starting out not so much now that I have been more established.

Making things happen is always the answer to these types of problems.  Immediately contacting potential clients about projects, and creating art for gallery exhibitions, being proactive is the solution.

This year I have a few things going on, I'm out pitching shows again.  I am working on the sequel to Back To School With Bigfoot, as well as prepping some gallery shows.  I will be doing an art exhibition in Telluride Colorado this August, In February I have the Plus One Show at Art Share LA, and will be participating in a group show at Space Gallery.

There are several personal book projects I am chipping away on, as well as little R&D art pieces I am working on as experiments or proof of concept.   One of the best gifts I received is the new Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars compilation art book from my step daughter.   Ralph was the first production designer I became aware of.  I was huge fan of Star Wars at 12 when it first came out and bought all the fan magazines that showed making of pics and articles.  Even then I was way more into how it was made then consuming the mythology of Star Wars.  Those Sci-Fi movie magazines "Starlog" "Fantastic Films" were my first glimpse into production design, creature sculpting, special effects.  At the time I didn't know that artist were a big part of making movies.  Looking at the early Ralph McQuarrie sketches and seeing how the work evolved into a finished character or environment turned the light on in my head about art & making movies.

Even now I find inspiration in those old drawings and paintings.  There's always some new inspiration out there!   Even if it's old.

Happy New Creative Year!