Monday, November 30, 2009


I had a great time at Rotofugi last Saturday, thanks to everyone who came out.

I had a great time at Rotofugi last Saturday, thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to my friend Don Asher for taking pictures.

Kirby was an excellent host, and runs a kickass vinyl store & gallery.

Waiting for the crowds.

Some of my good friends from Chicago, Debbie, Rich, and Mitch.

Signing some posters, there are some available at through Rotofugi.

I picked up one of the Ashly Wood World War Robots, too amazing! Such an excellent piece, I think I'm jealous! In a good way. San Francisco is my next target for a signing... More info soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Here it is the new Angry Clobber Monkey poster. It will debut at my Rotofugi signing next Sat the 28th. 11 X 17 on nice UV poster paper stock retailing for only $20 the following week it will be available through my website boutique and at Munky King LA.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I made this time laps video of the drawing and inking of the "Anger For The People" poster that I'm releasing at Rotofugi on the 28th.

The time laps is fun to play with, Next I'll figure out how to get some close-ups in there. Enjoy! -- Also I'll be posting a pic of the finished "Anger For The People" poster here on Monday Nov 23!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Whatcha' doing this Sat? Come over to Designercon at the Pasadena Convention Center! I'll be there from 11 to 1pm with Munky King singing Angry Clobber Monkeys. The Clobber Babe will be there too! Taking pictures and being fun. It'll be a warm up for the Rotofugi signing in Chicago the following Sat.


Here's a couple of pics of the finished piece.

Window box: 17” Wide X 10” Tall X 3.5 Deep
Endorphin Figure: 5” Tall X 5” Long X 2.75” Deep
Super Sculpey and Resin.

The window box opens for closer inspection. Box is ready to hang on the wall, or
sit flat.
Hope you have a chance to go by Gallery 1988 and see it in person.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I’m posting a small preview of the piece I will have at the final Vivisect Playset Show at Gallery 1988. At the very first show in fall of 2004 I created an installation that featured a new character that I had been playing with. Little round happy flying creatures, some with sharp teeth, at the time we were just referring to them as “The Pigs”.

The first installation in 2004

They evolved over time and became the Endorphins. The Endorphins really came to full evolution by 2007 at my Toy Explosion show. This being the “Final Playset” it only seemed appropriate to actual cut one of these guys open and see what made them go.

I’m no scientist, but doing that lateral dissection of an actual Endorphin was quite fascinating and revealed some unexpected anatomical oddities, sharp teeth, a poison gland, a fairly large stomach that had some interesting content that I will put back in when the specimen is mounted.

Currently I’m coating the body in a preserving shellac, and mounting it in a window box. Come check it out. Maybe for a future show I’ll debone one and taxidermy the skeleton.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I am excited and sad for the final Vivisect Playset at Gallery 1988. Thanks to Luke Chueh I was invited to be a part of the very first one. It was me, Luke, young Joe Ledbetter, the always fantastic Peter Gronquist and my friend Thomas Han. Fall of 2004 at a relatively new G1988. It was a great idea, lots new art energy in a new space. I had a blast. I have a great art piece for this final show based on the Endorphin characters, that I first created for the original show. The worst part is I won't be there for the the farewell party. I'll be in Chicago, visiting family and preparing for my Angry Clobber Monkey event at Rotofugi. I will definitely show some pics here on the blog of the finished piece and be thinking of all you guys the night of the show.
Cheers to the Vivisect Playset!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art is here! My art appears on pages 137 and 218. Plus about a bazillion other incredible artists in all the other pages. Get it on Amazon!


The Angry Clobber Monkey is out and he is (Hate to use such a cliché phrase) selling like hot cakes! Thanks to all the ACM supporters who are making this such a successful art toy! When I was developing the packaging art I did many sketches trying to illustrate a narrative about Doctor Maker and the ACM before I came up with the final versions that appear on the box. My process is to sketch up in blue pencil, tighten up the ones I like in graphite, then finish with ink.

After the packaging was finalized I have a folder full of development art that all work pretty well as stand alone pieces. So I’m selling the collection as individual pieces in nice frames. They vary in size, 8X10 11X17 8X12 all original pen & ink signed, each one of a kind. Here’s a sample 11X17 the larger ones will go for $250 smaller ones $150 Such a deal! Great for the holiday giving season. I’ll have all available pieces up here on the blog by next week. If you are interested contact me through my website.
There’s a limited number of pieces, I’m still sorting through them to get a final count.
So scoop them up while you can!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Designercon- Formerly known as the Vinyl Toy Network is coming up Saturday November 21st. I will be there signing my Angry Clobber Monkey vinyl collectable, (A.K.A. Toy) and If the planets all align the Clobber Babe will be making an appearance! Looks like another fun-fest for all of us toy nerds!


Oh man Halloween is over! I wanted to buy some candy corn, went to the local CVS and there’s santa clause already sneering at me. Threatening holiday cheer. Eventually I found my candy corn. It’s the crappiest candy in the kingdom but one of my favorites. Candy corn is like the fruitcake of Halloween. I love fruitcake too, it gets a bad wrap for no reason, it condensed brandied fruit and nuts, balled up in a spicy cake, all things I love.

I’m getting ready for the Rotofugi Angry Clobber Monkey signing in Chicago Nov 28th. Currently I’m working on a brand new ACM poster to unveil at the signing. Also here in Los Angeles I know that Dark Delicacies Book store in Burbank hosts a signing for local artists who’s work is appearing in the Spectrum book series. I’ll have info on that when it is announced. In past issues I’ve only had work in the sculpture category. This time, for the first time I have an illustration too. I’m very excited. The piece is “The Bearer Of Bad News” it was created for my Imaginary Skies show at M Modern Gallery. The painting was sold but there are nice prints through Thumbtack Press. They do high quality prints of all your favorite artists, including me. I want to encourage everyone to purchase prints from them, bring them to my events and I’ll gladly sign them! The prints they have available are paintings of mine that have been sold long ago. Also if you have a copy of the new Spectrum 16 bring it along.

Looking forward to seeing all my peeps in the Mid-West again! Also if you have an extra fruitcake lying around....