Thursday, August 23, 2012


I want to thank everyone for watching. The ratings for Robot and Monster have been great, Nickelodeon is airing new episodes every Sat and Sun. Spread the word and enjoy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

BACK IN 2008....

I found this selfy pic from spring 2008. It was when Josh Jeff and I were working on the show bible for Robot and Monster. At the time we were still thinking of producing it in 2-D animation. Drawing all the characters and figuring out the concepts, having no idea if it would turn into anything. I was also designing characters and sculpting puppets for Team Smithereen and putting in many late nights. Since I was spending so many nights working in solitude while my family was asleep, I wanted to document the beginning moments of the creation just in case it turned into something.

This Saturday is the big premier what a journey it has been. Hope it will keep going.

Robot And Monster This Saturday!

Here we go, right now the listings are showing Robot And Monster on Nickelodeon at 11AM on the West coast and 8am on the East coast this Sat Aug 4th.

I have received a couple inquiries about the rumor that Robot and Monster was cancelled while in production, or "Pink Slipped" before we even premiered. The good news is none of that is true. Robot & Monster was actually picked up for 14 new episodes that would launch a second season in Aug of 2011. The whole team got really busy, keeping the work going on the first season episodes and creating 14 new ones.

R&M was slated to air in fall of 2011, that got pushed back to Jan 2012. As we went into the holiday break We were hearing that there might be a hold put on second season production, but we would keep moving forward on season one as planned. When we all came back after the break and got the news that season 2 production was to be put on hold, Nickelodeon was still behind the show but the premier was going to be pushed back again with no conclusive air date.

These two things happening at once gave many the impression that we were cancelled completely. Even amongst our crew there were many misunderstandings about what was happening. That said, the shows were funny, they animation was top notch, and the production was always on schedule and sometimes ahead of schedule. This led to much confusion and as we know on the internet all it takes is one person to write up what they believe is happening with out checking the facts and suddenly, magically it becomes truth!

We wrapped production, with a full first season in the can, and we have 14 new episodes that were written, recorded, story boarded, ready to go when we get the word.

My partners Josh Sternin and Jeff Ventimilia and myself are extremely proud of the whole crew and how the show turned out. This kind of rumor doesn’t really help promote the show, especially now when it’s evident that we are on the air and Nickelodeon is fully excited about Robot & Monster. So let's sweep away any rumors from the past and enjoy Robot And Monster right now in the present.