Thursday, July 26, 2012


After many long years of work, and an amazing team of artists, actors, animators and more My little show Robot & Monster will previewing on Nickelodeon starting Sat August 4th 11:00 Am and I believe 10:00 Am Central. New episodes every Sat until Sept when it will officially launch. Although I called it my little show, it would have never been possible with out my to Co Creator partners Josh Sternin and Jeff Ventimilia. From the first meeting where I pitched the show in 08 through development and pilot it's been about a four and half year journey. The show has turned out better then I expected. Tune in, show your kids, tell a friend, even if you are not into animation and just want to see what I've been working on for these last few years check it out. I'll post more info and insight as the episodes air.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Africa was full of amazing skulls. The best thing I found was the rib bone of an Impala that had been chewed on by some carnivore. Although my favorite souvenirs from trips are rocks and bones, I did find one carved wooden piece that called to me. After two weeks of seeing the same carvings, statues animals, fertility gods etc I had not seen one just odd creature / character that was unique. Last shop we were in in Stone Town Zanzibar I saw this guy staring at me from the shelves. He is a representation of an Owl type creature made by a North Tanzania tribe the Iraqw I believe it's pronounced "Quar-Ah" (Roll The R it will make you sound fancy)
It actually reminded me more of a primitive version of Funzo. Whatever he is I love his permanent appearance that he is seeing something he shouldn't.