Monday, July 30, 2007


I had such a great time at the Con! I love meeting all the folks that come out for my signings or just stop to say Hi out on the floor. Everyone at the big MK was great. Thanks to Patrick, Derek, Zury and Plex! Dov and Sarah Jo at DKE. Jason and Holly from Pop Cling! Plus the long list of all of my artist friends, I think you know who you are!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Jason and Holly from Pop Cling came by my studio yesterday to show me the first run of “Floaty Thing #1” It looks awesome! About 33” long at the furthest point of the cloud it’s a nice big vinyl application. If you are unfamiliar with Pop Cling's products check out their site. They will be available at SDCC Jason and Holly will be hopping around to different booths, check in at Munky King if you’re interested. I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a series of character blimp art.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Technology has never been so dumb! Stupid Little Robot Buddy is at your service. Ready to help but ends up wrecking your stuff. I’m making a grand total of 35. Signed and number all hand done by me. 2” inches tall,filled with eager stupidity, and packed in a nifty box. Available at SDCC at the Munky King booth.

I’ll be there at the MK booth THURS. JULY 26th 3pm to 4pm and Fri. July 27th 3pm to 4pm. And just milling around aimlessly Thursday through Sat.
See Ya There!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm working furiously to prepare for SDCC. Munky King will be unveiling The Angry Clobber Monkey this will be my first wide release vinyl toy. Also the Stupid little Robot Buddy is slowly coming to life. Come by the Munky King booth I'll be there too!


Last night the guys from Geekson! Dropped by for an interview. Geekson is a cool website with a weekly podcast on all things geeky and fun here's their website discription:

Geekson is a weekly show created by geeks, for geeks, covering topics that geeks like to talk about. Movies, Sci-fi, Video Games, Comics, TV, Internet, Board Games, RPGs.... it's all here at

I had a great time with Matt Aaron Peter and Don. They came by my studio and we did an interview, that really just felt like a fun hang out to me. I'll have an update when the interview will be posted.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Stupid Little Robot Buddy! At 2” Tall and 1.5” wide, The SLRB is perfect size to sit on your desk. With his eager clueless smile he will brighten your day and delete your files. (Not Really) I’m hand making a very limited run of these guys. It will be under 50 all hand cast in resin, painted, signed and numbered by little old me. I’ll have more pics as he develops. These will only be available at SDCC @ the Munky King booth!

Monday, July 9, 2007


A rainy day in London was not going to stop us from seeing the Damien Hurst diamond skull at the White Cube gallery. Being a big fan of the human skull I was very excited. As Lisa and I approached we could see the line of people waiting to go in. As we went around to the back side of the gallery to get tickets the woman at the counter said it would only be about 10 to 20 minutes. It didn’t sound like that long of a wait. The backside of the ticket had a lot of rules in fine print. The second to the last one almost turned me away: “No Climbing or standing on or touching any exhibit(s)…” If I couldn’t climb on the diamond skull, then why bother showing up!

As the line moved along towards the gigantic frosted glass door it felt a lot like going to see the wizard. The helpful staff in their black suits looked a little like the Secret Service. 12 people at a time would be led in. When it was our turn, the group was escorted up a narrow staircase the building interior was white, sterile and modern. I was first in line as we reached the top of the stairs turned left down a narrow hall way the anticipation grew. At the end of the hall way was one of the Secret Service agents standing in front of opening into a larger room nothing was behind him except darkness. We were instructed by the agent to put all of our personal belongings on the floor to the right. The room was completely dark, but we were assured the room had a flat floor with no obstructions, nothing to trip over. No pictures! Do not touch the glass! He informed us it will take a moment for our eyes to adjust to the darkness, you will only have 2 minutes to view the skull, and then you will be asked to leave. Lisa and I were trying very hard to contain our laughter at this point. Such a build up! I don’t remember this much fan far when I went to see King Tut’s Golden mask, this had better be great.

Yes, it was fantastic. But the build up was the height of silliness! Especially in the U.K. where you’re surrounded by national art treasures. The skull sits on a black pedestal in a black room with many precision lights aimed at it. Very Sparkly. I got as close as my big nose could get with out touching the glass cube container. Amazing work! I can just picture Damien up late at night in his garage with tweezers and super glue carefully placing each precious stone. And before I knew it the dream was over, time was up. The rest of the show was very impressive. I do believe the skull’s status could be elevated by not having all of the flub-dubbery that surrounds it. If it were on display in a Cartier Jewelry store in a cabinet amongst many other sparkly-jeweled trinkets, it would kick ass! Now, it just sits on its pedestal laughing at the ridicule. Although, it would make an amazing hood ornament.

Friday, July 6, 2007


On Wednesday night Lisa and I went to see the Monkey King Journey to The West Opera. It was a long trip on the train (I think I look tired!) Up to Manchester England. It was an amazing experience! We were friends with the director Chen Shi-Zheng he directed a film "Dark Matter” The music is by Damon Albarn and the show design by Jammie Hewlett. This was the dream team to bring this story to life for the stage. 2D Animation seamlessly integrates with the stage/set design and action. Illustrated characters brought into the 3D world through over the top costumes, Chinese acrobats and a very clever and contemporary musical score. Besides it’s just f***ing cool! Choreographed fights, flying demons, a trip to an under sea kingdom! It had everything. Look for more press and pics on line. We got to hang out with Chen Shi-Zheng and Jammie and the crew after the show. For me it was a great treat just to be surrounded with such a talented group. And have a few drinks. I’m still reeling from the whole experience!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Hey everybody. I’m in London this week with Lisa. We have been doing and seeing
Great stuff. I’ll have a full report when I get back. For now the brief version, today we went to the White Cube Gallery to see the “For the Love Of God” Exhibition by Damian Hurst. Yes I saw the Diamond Skull! Very sparkly. Last night Wed, we were in Manchester to see the Monkey King Opera “Journey To The West” Amazing! Got to hang out with Jamie Hewlett. It’s been extraordinary! More to show and tell. I’ll be back next Monday with a full report and pictures.