Saturday, January 23, 2016


We are now officially living in the future!   Except of all of the babies that were born this year and last year, we will all be firmly rooted tin their distant past.   Quite a few new things going on for this year I have to big gallery shows happening, August in Telluride Co and November in New Mexico.  New Mexico is going to be great I have never shown there before and am looking forward.

Starting off the new year in Telluride Co

Also for this year I am Illustrating a big book project, as it moves forward I will give more details, Even a little show and tell for the Illustration project.  With all the digital technology available I still like to do rough sketching on paper and digital, then ink the line, scan the art color in photoshop.

 The other big project is I have been offered a show at the Museum Of Art History in Lancaster CA for 2018.  This is very exciting!  Of course it will be about robots.  It's a couple years away but I will need all that time to put it together.  And if you want to come out to see the show you have a couple years to plan your trip!   This year I will have more "how to"  and I am developing some new animated TV projects that will hopefully be happening sometime this year.   More big things to come!