Sunday, October 28, 2012


Coming soon "100 Robots" at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles Dec 8th. I will have 100 original 8X10 pen and ink robot character drawings, as well as the largest Robot sculpture I have ever done. The above is a hand pressed wood block poster that I am making for the show. It will be a limited run, unknown right now. I will keep making them until the ink block wears out. The ink block was made by Etch Pop the poster will be available at the show.


Hell Lotus is the first Singaporean designed and produced original vinyl art toy. I was invited to customize one for the release exhibit in Singapore. The title: "Nothing Is Permanent" The rust finish is one of my new favorites, the lights in the eyes suggest even in the end there is a little life spark inside. It also just looks cool! Check out the Mighty Jaxx site.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today there will be a new Robot and Monster episode in the Halloween theme. The Dark Night and Bacon Tree are the two R&M episodes that would qualify for a creepy theme. 2:30 on the west coast today. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In progress, I am blocking out the head and claws. The sculpting challenge has been sculpting with foam. I have had limited experience using foam. So I learned a new bag of tricks to execute this monster. More to come...

Monday, October 22, 2012


Getting ready for the 100 ROBOTS show. The 100 pen and ink drawings are coming along. For the past few months my self and some other very talented folks have been creating the biggest robot character sculpture I have ever done. It will be the centerpiece of the show. If this one works out maybe will be more in the future. In the next few weeks I will keep leaking pics of the progress as we get closer to the final unveiling Dec 8th. In addition there will be a hand pressed limited edition show poster. I had some printing blocks made the the good folks at Etcpop they will take your art and and laser engrave a real wood block printing plate. As I get further I'll have some processes pics.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Here they are; 8 4X4" canvases each with it's own monster. They will be available at the Van Eaton as part of the Mad Monster Party Tribute show. The titles are starting from the top left: #1 First To Arrive. #2 Can We Go Now. #3 Just One More. #4 New Years Eve Again? #5 The King Of Beers. #6 That's Not Cranberry! #7 This Was Supposed To Be A "Don't Tell Vomiting Skeleton" Party. #8 Oops, Nobody Told Me It Was A DTVS Party.
I'll be there at the opening.