Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I've been so busy on my latest project there's been no time to write about it.  "How To Do Everything With Garrick And Marvin"  Is my latest series of shorts for DreamWorks TV.  Garrick and Marvin, two enterprising but not very bright robots try to teach simple “How To” lessons using strange inventions and their lack of common sense. Also their efforts are occasionally sabotaged by a monster that inhabits their workshop.  Currently there are four episodes the first "How To Draw" is up now.

All of the animation and fabrication is done in my garage below my studio.  The animation puppets were sculpted molded then cast in resin for durability.  They were going to do a lot of action and get bashed around quite a bit.

The set was keep relatively small I wanted it to all fit in one half of my garage close to the tools and workshop.  The shooting of the animation was done with a Canon D5 Mark III  on the Dragonframe program.   The digital age is my friend I could not have done this even 5 years ago.

Check out the latest episode and I will have more behind the scenes info on the making of the shows.