Monday, February 12, 2007


Hey Everybody.
I am a sculptor character designer. I create my own limited edition resin art toys, as well as sculpt toys for various vinyl toy companies. I currently have a show in Los Angeles: The Dave Pressler Toy Explosion! At Munky King Melrose:

Many times people ask me: “How do you make that stuff?” So I will now show how I make stuff. From sculpt to final resin mastering. If you do this kind of work professionally, there’s probably nothing new here. But if you are just getting started, or want to know how to start making you own figures and toys read on….

I’ll be starting a new project in a couple weeks. I’ll do some review of some past projects to start with. Feedback is always good!

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Hi Dave, great stuff dude, just saw a pic of the prototype of your munkey king and sort of found my way to your blog!

It's great to actually see the work in progress of one of the most interesting toy sculptors/designers out there, especially because I'm a budding sculptor myself. I love Lowbrow art and paint myself as well as sculpt(I also work in the visual fx industry as a model maker when I can get the work, for the rest I'm doing a till job at the local supermarket...), and hope one day to be able to make this whole thing my living. It's a bit difficult since I'm based in the United Kingdom, and the people that do do good work in the industry seem to be more internet shy and elusive than me!

I did wonder how you got into the scene, I'm finding it hard to find contacts here in the UK, and most Us companies don't really want to deal with someone from across the pond when they have such a giant pool of sculptors/designers to choose from at their doorstep. I am sending out my folio to toy design places here, but the work is scarce there, and not many of them are actualy interested in designer toys, prefering to do work for Disney and things like Playskool(I'm not dissing it, work is work, experience is experience), so even if there's work there, it's not exactly the thing I'm looking for.

Anyways, I'll stop rambling, keep up the good work and if you feel like dropping my a line that would be greatly appreciated!