Wednesday, August 20, 2008


While I was in Beijing I visited the 798 Art Zone. Formerly a weapons and electronics factory complex now a sprawling gallery complex. It's evident that the art community in China has much to say and express. I wish I could have taken more pictures in the galleries to show more of the amazing work on display.

The Entrance, me blocking the sign.

Coffee On The Roof. Love this place, one of the many cool cafes in the 798 complex.
This one is like have coffee in a tree house.

Old Maoist slogans are still visible on the ceiling arches.

I lost the card from this gallery. Cool pop art sculpts, with various mythical Chinese character heads on Mao and communist worker bodies.


jade said...

love, love, love your work.

i came accross your blog while looking for a way to make some moulds for the resin photo pieces i'm making. (i'm using paint palettes right now and they make me want to cry.)

i need to make my process more efficient.

i'm working with clear resin. mind sharing any tips to get all of the tiny bubbles out (tried an embossing gun, tapping... not enough luck) also, how to ensure the pieces really smooth? would sculpey work to make a smooth mould? how long do you find your moulds last?

you're awesome to be reading this right now. and even more awesome if you're not annoyed.


Dave Pressler said...

Hey there,
Not annoyed at all. Clear resin can be tough. The best way to get clear casts is using a vacuum chamber. You need to make the resin 100% gas free to eliminate all bubbles.

I'm not sure what an embossing gun is.
Silicone molds can last a while. On a really detailed piece you can get 25 good pulls before it starts deteriorating. Hope this is helpful info! -D

jade said...

the embossing gun is some scrapbooker money grab. it's a hair dryer that doesn't blow as hard... anyway, it works ok to get the bigger bubbles out.

thanks so much for the tips. they're good ones. i bought mold-building supplies today. 25 pulls, huh. i guess that's ok... i'll just have to get good at making molds.

thanks again! your help was huge.

shaunna said...

WOw, great blog! And many congrats on the wedding!