Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well this year has proven to be a wild ride even in the most basic terms.
The good thing is the Angry Clobber Monkey is coming right along. We didn’t make the original estimation of a Oct / Fall release, but sometimes these things happen. Patrick over at Munky King has, as always been effortless to work with, right now I think we are looking at a Feb / March release.

Here are some pictures of the wax master from the factory. This is the refined casting from my resin master that I sent to Hong Kong. It is made from a hard wax that can be further polished, and detailed.

This is what will be used to make the master molds for production vinyl casting.

The red parts will be roto-cast in vinyl, the end up being hollow. The white parts are for injection molding. Those parts will be made of a solid stronger plastic

I’m excited! I will always keep making resin originals, but having my first wide release vinyl toy is amazing.

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