Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I've skipped along to the finished piece. I've been swamped and only have time to post the the final sculpt for now, and the step by step soon. The title is "The Early Days Of The Modern Vacuum Cleaner" The whole thing is done in Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm. I almost never put a robot on a base I like to have them free standing.
This guy just didn't have the right balance point that would support the sculpt as well as retain the character pose. The broom is made from a bamboo ka-bob skewer, a balsa wood block, and sculpted bristles. The arms are small aluminum tubes. I used Magic-Sculpt for the elbow joints, it worked better to set the arm wires in the right position then sculpt the elbow right onto the bent wire. If you haven't worked with Magic-Sculpt before give it try, it's an excellent sculpting compound. More pictures and sculpting step by step up shortly!


Natalie said...

ha! I am currently working on a painting of a robot! What are the chances the next blog button would lead me here?

Dave Pressler said...

Great! Stay tuned I'm going to get back into some painting next week!