Friday, July 17, 2009


More customs rolling out! Here's another one, the German Afrika Korps ACM. It is not widely known that during world war 2 the German armor division put into service several captured Angry Clobber Monkeys on the front lines in Northern Africa.

The ACM's were liberated at the end of the war. It is rumored that a Russian ACM was seen near hitler's bunker when he allegedly committed suicide.
The official release of the standard ACM will be September 10th at Munky King in Los Angeles. More details to come. At Comic Con we will have a variety of my hand made customs. Keep checking the blog for peeks all this week!


Anonymous said...

not sure if you still have any of these left but I love the african and russian ACM designs are you going to do these as other colorways or just keep them as customs. If so I'd love to know more if you still have em

Dave Pressler said...

Hey there, I actually have one of each left. $300 I'll only be releasing these as customs. I want to move forward with some new vinyl for next year. Glad you like them they were fun to make.