Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Africa was full of amazing skulls. The best thing I found was the rib bone of an Impala that had been chewed on by some carnivore. Although my favorite souvenirs from trips are rocks and bones, I did find one carved wooden piece that called to me. After two weeks of seeing the same carvings, statues animals, fertility gods etc I had not seen one just odd creature / character that was unique. Last shop we were in in Stone Town Zanzibar I saw this guy staring at me from the shelves. He is a representation of an Owl type creature made by a North Tanzania tribe the Iraqw I believe it's pronounced "Quar-Ah" (Roll The R it will make you sound fancy)
It actually reminded me more of a primitive version of Funzo. Whatever he is I love his permanent appearance that he is seeing something he shouldn't.

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