Thursday, August 2, 2012

BACK IN 2008....

I found this selfy pic from spring 2008. It was when Josh Jeff and I were working on the show bible for Robot and Monster. At the time we were still thinking of producing it in 2-D animation. Drawing all the characters and figuring out the concepts, having no idea if it would turn into anything. I was also designing characters and sculpting puppets for Team Smithereen and putting in many late nights. Since I was spending so many nights working in solitude while my family was asleep, I wanted to document the beginning moments of the creation just in case it turned into something.

This Saturday is the big premier what a journey it has been. Hope it will keep going.

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Jose Giammarino said...

Congrats on the show! I just finished watching the premiere episode and immediately fell in love with Monster! :D