Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My latest sculpt is titled "1800's Robot Just Before He Crashed His Scooter" Created out of Super Sculpy II, Styreen plastic, Magic Sculpt and armature wire. It was a piece specifically made for my friend and collector Alex Cohn. It wasn't going to balance correctly with out a base, I usually like to make most of my character sculpts freestanding.I made the base out of walnut, routed a nice bevel in the side and gave it a tongue oil finish.
I ran a shaft all the through to support the robot.
The finished piece.
I wanted there to be some exposed machinery, I have a box of clock and watch parts. In the future I have more large scale sculpts that I'm working on. My December show at Gallery 1988 will have one of these new large scale sculpt ideas. More info soon.

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