Friday, April 12, 2013


The last block print I made for my "100 Robots Show at Gallery 1988" was such a satisfying hands on experience I'm designing a new block print poster.  Etchpop Labs really helps make it easy, they turn my black and white original art into a wood block ready to print.  Artists statements always make me a bit nuts when I'm asked to come up with one for myself.   In my opinion there's not a lot of deep thought behind my work, I just want to make funny ideas and do my best to translate them into some medium. 

As I was working on one of these I was writing down random thoughts, quotes and sentences.  It would be nice to just make bullet points instead of an entire cohesive paragraph.  Based on that dilemma  we have the statement robot print.  (Hopefully I will have a better title soon.)

 I'll be making around 30 or 40 hand made 8"X10" prints depending on how the print block quality holds up.  Then I'll write a statement on each T-shirt to make them all one of a kind.  As I roll along in the process more sneak peeks will be posted.

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