Monday, April 7, 2014


Amazing!  It's been 10 whole years since I first met Jensen and Katie for my first show at G1988.
Nov of 2004 it was myself, Joe Ledbetter, Luke Chueh, Thomas Han and Peter Gronquist. for the fist Vivisect Play Set show.  The Endorphins where the main characters I was exploring at the time, I wish I had better pics of the installation.

Right by the front door of the old Gallery, I painted the back wall and hung the rest of the pieces.
The energy was always fantastic and I'm looking forward to this Friday for the 10th Anniversary show "The Subtle Art Of Pop-Culture" and I'm hoping that some of the artist from the past are there.

I just finished a new piece for the show titled; "Onward And Upward" a tribute to a favorite film of mine, as always portrayed with Robots.   Coming up soon is the Ghost Busters 30th Anniversary Show, lots of anniversaries.  That is a traveling show with the Los Angeles show on May 17th I will reveal the new piece I have done for that showing soon.  It's great to have been part of so many creative shows with G1988 and I'm looking forward to many more!  Congrats to Jensen and Katie and the entire crew.

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