Wednesday, September 3, 2014


How To Do Everything With Garrick And Marvin has a new episode here.   The latest craft trend of rainbow loom bracelets doesn't seem to be too difficult for most people.  This was shot using about twenty thousand rubber bands.  At first I ordered five thousand thinking it would be plenty, they didn't even bury the characters.

Also getting the bands not to move around unnecessarily near impossible, so at a certain point we just move forward and make the show.

The monster puppet was made by my good friend a master puppeteer Kevin Clash, I was lucky he had time to help with my little production.  I made rough sketch and he was able to interpret the shape and make an awesome monster come to life for the show.  I rigged LED lights for the eyes, and sculpted the teeth and horns out of L-200 a dense yet flexible foam.  Kevin made the body and inner head and fur.   The monster is just the embodiment of mean, he will be making more appearances in future episodes.. 

Stay tuned! 

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