Sunday, January 11, 2015


This particular character was just too horrible to ignore.  Usually I try not just hate a design outright, I think it's more productive to talk about technique, philosophy of design etc.  However The Skinny Cow character is an assault on the eyes and it was right in front of me.

This might be an titillating character for the furry crowd, but I don't believe the average ice cream eating public wants a mutant human woman cow peddling dairy treats.  This fits in with an earlier post My Biggest Character Design Pet Peeve from January.   My last character design problem was Pixar's animated short Lava.   The man volcano is a rocky volcano with a face, created from the foliage and stone.  The female volcano is a tall thin human looking volcano with long hair and feminine features, a really bad design that is hard to find an image on the internet, no surprise. Maybe at some point I'll list my top 5 most hated character designs.

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