Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Not myself, I'm not smart enough to be a nerd.  In School I was more of a social misfit even shunned by the nerds.   I'm talking about the new competitive reality show King Of The Nerds in it's third season airing on TBS.  This season my largest sculpture Revenge-Bot is a features art piece in the Nerdvana Lounge.  It was very cool to be a part of the show, and in the 7th episode there is more of my art you will have to watch and find out.

 Installing the piece was made much easier by the crew building a fantastic purple carpeted platform
with a big double door near by for loading in.

The art department did an amazing job transforming the given space into the lounge you see on the show

See there he is in the background.  This summer I will be hauling Revenge-Bot out for another art show and will keep everyone posted on the Gallery and dates of the show.

The very beginning back in the fall of 2012 at the Pretty In Plastic parking lot.

Trimming down some of the metal brackets 

The foam adhesive was another sticky un-dissolvable expanding glue
that managed to get everywhere.

Getting closer to the finished form.  The dust from the sculpting foam is very harsh and
it gets everywhere, worse then sand or sawdust since it clings by static electricity and is not water soluble.

Complete structure ready for resin coating then prime and paint.

Two coats of auto primer

Rolling and brushing several coats of metal acrylic paint.  The paint is infused with iron so it does have a metal base for real rust.

After the metal paint the sculpt is sprayed multiple times with a copper oxide solution 
this is what creates the authentic rust finish.

Now looking very rusty in the blazing sun.

A couple of finishing touches at the gallery...

And it is done!

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