Sunday, March 8, 2015


Last Friday on King Of The Nerds my Robot sculpture "Early Version Of A Modern Vacuum" was revealed as the challenge prize.  I was honored that the producers of the show asked me they could use some of my art work.  Besides the Revenge-Bot sculpture in the lounge this smaller example of my work is more the size that I sculpt.

The idea of somewhat sophisticated machines doing un-sophisticed tasks has always amused me.  Like this guy here is able to have emotions, communicate and balance on one gyroscopic wheel, yet still just pushes a broom.

Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm are my chosen clays for making a one of a kind sculpture like this guy.   I start with a scale drawing and make the parts to size, then figure out the form bit by bit, like building a model kit.   Since he was to balance on one wheel I wanted to run a piece sturdy armature wire through the middle and mount it to the base.  He is cocked slightly forward to give it a bit of motion.

Another technique I use with a complex piece like this is not to sculpt every thing at once and try to have the form fully built with unbaked sculpey.   It works better to bake, sand and set the lower parts as I work my way up, kind of a stacking technique.  Also notice the wooden base is just a chunk of old 2X4 better to work on a temporary base that can get messed up during sculpting and transfer the finished piece to the final wooden base when complete.

The juxtaposition of angular shapes with smooth round shapes helps to give a sculpture / character more textures.  To make the wheel I rolled a tube of clay, then wrapped it around the hub.

Then fit it snuggle under the fender smoothing it with some 90% Rubbing Alcohol.
This October I have a big art show in Los Angeles with Eric Joyner.  Eric is another one of my favorite robot artists

You can bet there will be more robot sculptures to come this year.  More info on the show soon!

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