Sunday, October 11, 2015


Finally we are getting close to the opening of Robot Carnival at Gallery 1988.   I have been painting, and building a couple of moving sculptures that are proving to be way more complicated then I expected.   Also there is going to be a collaborative limited edition Silk Screen show poster by Mark Bryan and myself.   We have 8 other amazing artists participating in the show:

David Chung
Joshua Ellingson
Geoffrey Gersten
Aaron Jasinski
Gabe Lanza
Shaunna Peterson
Wade Schin
Lawrence Yang

so there's going to be quite a bit of cool Robot art!

Old school freak show posters were my inspiration for two of my larger pieces- Mermaid-O-Matic and Automated Evil.  It seemed like the Mermaid and Devil themes were popular, sex and evil will always attract a crowd.

A little WIP shot of Automated Evil.

There will be a couple more posts  as we get closer to the show looking forward to seeing you all there!

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