Thursday, August 25, 2016


Crate Digger The Lost Art Of The Album Cover, 85 Artists imagine covers for real and fictional albums!  August 20th through Sept 10th  

I made this piece “Dead Monkey”  (The Album) from a logo I was working on that never came to be.   But I really thought it was a compelling image, and ever since I went to Africa I really think Vervet monkeys are JERKS!    

They are mean, they gang up on you, steal your stuff.  When I was walking at a resort alone on a jungle path I was confronted buy one of these Monkeys and some of his asshole friends.   Hissing showing their teeth, I was scared and completely with out a stick or a rock.  So I made my 
self really big and yelled at them, at first they didn’t back down and I remember the travel doctor from the states telling me “Don’t mess with monkeys, one bite or scratch is a trip ender, you will have to go to the nearest big city hospital for treatment.”  So I kept walking towards the group and being loud, finally they dispersed.   As far as I’m concerned the best monkey is dead one.   Check it out available at Gabba Gallery!

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