Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The toy will have a semi-round rotating base that the legs will be mounted into.
This will give him more poseability (Making up words) sculpting this piece will be challenging, it needs to be symmetric with an even arch. I will use the usual methods of raking, and torching for smoothness.

I’ve run into a bit of a problem. I need to actually balance the figure on the base, this will determine the best position for the legs. If the sculpt can’t balance then the toy will follow with the same problem. Right now the weight of the sculpt is breaking the clay base, the legs are shifting and it’s a mess.
I have to make the base in resin. A quickie mold is in order.

Using foamcore the base is glued down. then I cut walls and hot glue a little box around the piece.

Pull the legs out leaving the sockets, then I cut walls of foamcore and hot glue a little box around the piece.

. No real need to de-gas the silicone, on a piece like this the air bubbles will float to the top. Besides I only need one piece. For casting the base I’ll use my favorite Sillcast 2 casting resin. I pigment the resin grey so it’s easier to see. I’m backing the base with a piece of 1/8” styrene plastic so the leg pegs don’t pop through.

Now I have a solid base to balance the figure, and move forward with the rest of the sculpt. Sometimes it’s necessary to cast some “Load bearing” pieces of the sculpt.

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