Thursday, November 1, 2007


As always I start by shaping the wire to the sculpting art. Wrap it with thread and cyno’ glue (discussed in greater detail the last step) Then apply the hot clay to get the base started.

The same way I get all of the parts started rough the clay on, measuring with calipers to get the basic landmarks of the piece.

Roughing out the thickness and roundness, then raking the clay into a rough smooth shape.

Using a circle guide to make the “Clobbering Ball” a nice evenly round shape. The arms of the figure are a little tricky and will take some figuring out. They have to rotate, and possibly have some pivot to the movement so they can go over the head.

Also now that the arm is in place on the figure, it appears to be a bit too long.

Best way to fix it, cut a chunk out of the arm and shove the 2 parts together.
I’m never too precious with the sculpt, bash it, cut it, rip parts off and start over if that’s what needs to be done. When I was just starting out years ago I sometimes had trouble tearing something down if it wasn’t working. Ultimately it will make more work if you just keep trying to work around it.

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Anonymous said...

What clay are you use?