Friday, January 25, 2008


Has anyone seen this painting? Short story, loaned to a friend of a friend, friends had a falling out moved away when I wanted back no one could find it’s location. I’m sure it’s in the LA area. It's a large 5 foot x 2 foot canvas, hard to miss. The title is “Kitty’s Been Bad” . It’s one of my earlier pieces from 97. I would love to find it. If you know where this is you could contact me through my website
Of course anyone who had info that got that painting back to me would be rewarded, and my personal hero!

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Anonymous said...


I don't know where the painting is -- but just wanted to say that the loss of it sucks green donkey dicks.

(like, yanno, from equine STDs)

Seriously, I have a real fondness for that one. I remember when you first painted it. Here's hoping it comes home to you!