Sunday, March 23, 2008


Lisa and I were out on a bike ride on Sunday. I noticed on the curb two crows were attacking a baby squirrel. We stopped, the crows fled and we decided to take the little guy home and try getting him back in shape. I scooped him up in my hat. He was feisty and trying to attack me, and had a great defensive posture. Then he was much happier to crawl right into the dark smelly confines of my hat. We went on a couple of “Squirrel Rescue” Websites, (I never knew they had such a thing) lots of good info. He seems to be energetic yet exhausted. He’s been drinking pedialite and puppy milk formula, then crashing. We will keep our fingers crossed and I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Pauly said...

that is so cool of you, the little guy looks happy!!!