Monday, April 14, 2008


I've been working away on this one in relative secrecy I wanted it to be a surprise!
Only 2 will be at the M Modern show, more are on the way. They are limited edition no two will be alike. Aside from the fact that as always with my resin creations I sculpted, molded, cast and painted the parts myself. Although I do have to thank Julie B for letting me invade the Pretty In Plastic Studios for a couple days while I was working on the molds. Each blimp will have a hand sculpted pilot character. Each one will be signed and numbered.

The Blimp is about 12.2" inches long and 7.5" around. The gondola is about 8"long.
They are suspended from sturdy monofilament cradles. I thought of making it so it could stand on a flat surface, too much weight. Ultimately I don't know how many I will make, it is a bit like building a model ship.
I’ll be posting the “making of” here on the blog starting next week after the show opening.

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