Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Are you a fan of Angry Clobber Monkey? He thinks your cool and wants you to be his BFF.
Check out the developing ACM fan page on Facebook. There's also a growing photo album: Angry Clobb er Monkey Around The World. When he is released I want to get people to take pictures of their ACM all over the world.

Angry Clobber Monkey finds Chicago soothing.


Quijotesca said...

That's a great Photoshop! I got some B movie victim figures for Christmas and I wanted them mainly so I can have them running away from other toys. I haven't gotten a chance to break them out since I had some health issues crop up, but I might wind up doing it soon out of sheer boredom. The first "monster" will probably be Jeremiah. Oh, sure, he's just a frog who wants to know how you are but he does tower over these guys. It's gonna be great! I'll take pictures. Angry Clobber Monkey will probably get the same treatment.

Anne Bennett said...

You make weird stuff. I like it.