Thursday, February 19, 2009


Time for the Angry Clobber Monkey. On the back of the sketch I’ll do a graphite transfer technique. Graphite can be messy and smudge everything up. I prefer to use Prismacolor pencils. On many surfaces it works as well as graphite, but it stays put.

I’ll trace over the outline using a different colored pencil. Once the transfer is laid down outline it in an acrylic color with a tiny brush, then I’ll paint over the outline with a dark base color.

This is where I don’t have as much documentation. It is difficult to document when I get into the painting. Basically with acrylic it’s dark to light colors, and and to keep punching up the contrast. Making highlights, shadows, contrast. Even with that, most of the time I’ll just keep messing with something until it looks right to me, not much step by step to report there.

I’m working with a setup so I can just let a camera roll over my shoulder. The large pieces that I’m working on will have more coverage of the finer details of painting. The piece is up on an easel so it much more convenient to shoot.