Tuesday, March 3, 2009


SO I’ve been geeking out lately on the old stereo viewers. My step son Julian wanted to do a school project on stereo photography, I was more than happy to help with the research and figuring out the technology. Plenty of sites have great step by step (I’m a fan of that) so taking the pictures was easy to figure out. The viewer was a bit more difficult. Then I thought of the album by the band Tool “10,000 Days” that actually folds out into a stereoscopic viewer with a booklet of pictures. I’ve been a fan of Tool for decades. Using that as the viewer made the whole project more home made and fun. Julian and I set up unlikely scenes in my wife’s dollhouse. My favorite was “Robot Tea Party” included below. I started to think of how could I do some of this with my own art? So with some further geeking out on my part I studied the pics from the album got an idea of how to create some stereo images with some of my illustrations and came up with an interesting experiment.




Posted here are 3 of the images. They are high rez jpgs, you should be able to click them for the larger image, pull them off this site, print them, then use the Tool album viewer to see them in 3D. It’s amazingly low tech, high entertainment value.

I would love some feedback if this is working on your end, if it goes well I’ll make more!

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Tiki tOny said...

Wow, very cool! Charles Phoenix is a friend of mine and is doing a show about vintage 3D.


I was trying to figure out how to make a simple viewer to turn my paintings into 3D after a friend gave me a viewmaster. Cool to see you figure it out. Love your step by steps too! You can also get view master slides made for pretty cheap online.