Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey there I disappeared in a work hole for a bit. Right now I’m working on a big project I would love to tell you all about! But (Sigh) I can’t at the moment. I will be very excited to write all about it, hopefully by Fall I can spill the top secret beans. This weekend is the Skully Show at Chuckwa Sat check out the excellent photobucket gallery. Right now I have some shows coming up. Soon at Munky King we will be doing the Angry Clobber Monkey release, as soon as it is scheduled you won’t be able to shut me up about it. For those of you in the Mid West I have an event at Rotofugi first weekend of June and I’m in a cool show at the Rivet Gallery in Columbus Ohio June 6th I’m gonna be there too! More details as they arrive. Also more to come on the making of the Mark Ryden YHWY vinyl. The traffic has been strong here at the Making Stuff blog! So thanks for coming back again and again.

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