Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just found out that my sculpture “Punch- Bot!” Has been accepted in the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual #17.

The piece was something I had been toying with for a while.
It was hard to think what to make it out of
the materials turned out to be a combo plater or as they say in the art world “Mixed Media”. Super Sculpey, Balsa Foam, Styrene plastic and wood. I imagined this being an old beat up board walk / carnival arcade game - robot. Someone would put in a quarter and Smasho! lights out. Maybe not the most popular game but it would deliver on it’s promise.

It was difficult photographing the cape. I made this cool cape and collar when one checks out the sculpt it’s easy to see. When I went to photograph it the whole figure ended up being kind of a not photo friendly figure.

Many angles but not one that showed off all aspects. I ended up doing a bit of Photoshop work that brought together the best of 3 pictures.

Someday it would be amazing to make this full size, with an aluminum body and the ability to roll around, and of course punch things!

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