Thursday, November 29, 2012


One more week to go and a few more robots to ink. Before embarking on this project I hadn't picked up a pen and ink set since the declaration of independence. So much art is done digitally it nice to be very tactile with pencil pen and ink. Also the occasional unwanted drop of in on the paper that I can't "apple Z". Also after some trial and error I found graphite and pencils to achieve another level of subtle shading. Finding the right size pen nibs was also another hurtle. Eventually I settled on a Speedball 104 super fine, and a Hunt 102 a bit less fine. Line weight variance seems to be the best technique for a more dynamic drawing, always an experiment to get each drawing to look the way I was thinking it should.
This one is titled: "In space you can hear the door slam shut" Stupid robots!

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