Saturday, December 8, 2012


Thanks to all who attended the opening of "!00 Robots" at Gallery 1988 last night. Nice to see so many friends and meet so many new friends. The openings are always a pleasure after so much solitary time involved in creating the art.
This show feels like a reaction to spending the last 3 years working so intensively in the digital art world. Working on Robot and Monster was mostly designing in Photoshop with a Cintique. In the world of TV animation there are no more animation cells, background paintings and so on. Working with pencil and ink, sculpting with large tools and sculpting foam, creating a poster that was created by hand with wooden block printing was very gratifyingly tactile.
Although there was a use of technology as an additional tool. The print plates were made by Etchpop Labs you can send them your art they will laser cut a wood block. This is really cool and their work is amazing if you have not tried it yet. I created a two color show poster. I would run the BG color plate first let them dry then roll out the black ink. My favorite part was each poster was absolutely unique like a snowflake. Even more so then digital prints it's more of a hands on medium. Sometimes even a finger print or two. The evidence of human error will always be more attractive to me as an artist. There is a signed numbered run of 35 show posters. soon I will be releasing some one off color variants, keep checking in for the release.
Very crafty!

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