Monday, June 10, 2013


The latest series of Artist Statement Robots are here.  Let's just call them ASR for now.  The blue series was an interesting double strike method.  I was trying to find the right color for the Robot, I had a few experemental pieces with the aqua then tried the magenta right over the top.  I like the faux 3-D appearance.  A few of the statements: "Deadlines Are The Mother Of Creativity"  "I Am The Best Artist I Can Afford" "Cartoons Are Not Art"  And a quote from an ex-girlfriend many years ago as she looked around my apartment at my paintings and said: "Who Buys This Stuff?"  A classic.

As always singed and numbered each a hand pressed little gem.  Next Monday June 17th the final "Orange Series" will be available at the Etsy store DavePresslerArt.

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