Sunday, June 2, 2013


The new Dave Pressler Art Etsy store is officially open!  I'm excited to have a new venue for getting my art out there to collectors.

Etsy is a trusted brand, and more and more artists I know are using it as a successful outlet.  The first art series I am making available are the "Artist Statement Robot Block Prints" Three different color ways are being produced, the first one is the magenta series, 12 pieces in all the first one was the "Like This But Better" piece that sold last night at the Get Art Project Angel Food fundraiser.  So now there's 11.  Next Monday the 10th I will be releasing the Blue Series, with a double print robot in Aqua And Hot Magenta that gives it a faux 3-D appearance.  The first of the series "Deadlines Are The Mother Of Creativity" This statement is definitely something I believe in.   Monday the 17th I will release the Orange Series.

My Etsy store will also be the place to go for original art and various one of a kind collectables and special deals.  This is the greeting banner, you can't miss the stupid robot, he works in the back storage room.
Hope to see you there!

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