Thursday, October 3, 2013


As I have mentioned in other posts occasionally I act in movies.  Acting and improv comedy were two things I did before art took over my life.  The theatrical work and study of improvisation helped me in my character design.  One of those films I was happy to be a part of is 2 Jacks an independent film written and directed by Bernard Rose.  2 Jacks is getting a North American release starting  Oct 18th.  It will also be screening at the San Diego Film Festival this Friday Oct 4th.

I will be there for the Q & A afterwards.  A list of the cities and theaters were it will be opening.

CITY                            THEATRE
1. Lancaster                   Zoetropolis
2. Scottsdale                  Harkins
3. New York                  Cinema Village
4. Los Angeles               Downtown Independent
5. San Diego                  Digital Gym
6. Fort Lauderdale         Cinema Paradiso
7. Philadelphia               Tin Angel Screening Room
8. Stroudsburg                Living Room Theater
9. Chicago                      Facets Theater
10. Gloucester, MA        Cape Anne Community Cinema
11. Columbia, MO          Ragtag Cinema
12. Hollywood, CA         Arena

Here is nice review from the Raindance Film Festival Also the trailer and behind the scenes moviette.  Check this out if you get a chance, hope to see you in San Diego!

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Sara (Perry) said...

Woah, you've been in MOVIES before?! Give me a list! I've gotta look them up.

This movie sounds interesting. Wish I could see it.