Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Just a few more days and the Robot Carnival leaves town.  The art will be available at the Gallery 1988 Website for a while after the show closes.

We had a great opening night, thanks for all who came down.  At one point the Robot Tightrope Riders took a fall, due to my faulty engineering.  After a little super glue and some pliers it was back up and running.

Hung out with some great people and artist!

Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus

Photographer Frank Schaefer

Artists Shane Geil and Anthony Ausgang 

Artist Robbie Conal and his wife Deborah Ross
(I was telling them about how big my hair used to be)

Fixing the tightrope.

Robbie, Deborah, and my partner in the show Mark Bryan 

Young artists, with the old artist.

Women love robots.

Discussing the finer points of ridiculous cartoons with Tom Stern.

Everyone hoping it will stay up in the air.

The show officially closes on Sat Nov 7th.  I'll keep you all posted on more upcoming shows and  events!

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