Saturday, May 5, 2007


I sometimes get hired by effects studios to sculpt stuff.
This was from 2004. It was a huge Mount Rushmore built for a Pizza Hut commercial with Miss Piggy. It’s refreshing to sculpt something really BIG when I’m so used to working on small scale figures. I got to do the “Teddy” head and some of the foam sculpting on the big mountain. We used W.E.D. clay LOTS of it.
WED is a water based clay that is specially formulated to resist cracking and shrinkage. It also gets a nice “leathery” consistency which makes it easy to sculpt.

BTW: I was asked if the “Happy Product” figure in my previous post was available. It was supposed to be released in 05 by Android 8 But I don’t know what happened.
I never saw it released.

Someone pointed out that there is a big pile of severed limbs in the picture behind the "Teddy Head". I think they were real.

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