Sunday, May 20, 2007


About three weeks ago I was bouncing on the trampoline with the kids. I haven’t done it in years! Fun! I decided we should video the experience, even more fun!. Luckily for entertainment purposes the camera was rolling when I twisted my knee. It hurt at the time but not bad enough to call it quits, I’m a relatively active guy I twisted and tweaked things before, “rub some grass on, take a lap you’ll be fine!”

The following week the pain set in, I went to the Doc had an MRI and found out It wasn’t my knee, but a spider web of tiny fractures at the top of my Tibia “Shin Bone”. So I was walking around for 2 weeks on ibuprofen and Tylenol 3’s thinking it was a soft tissue knee injury. The big drag is now I’m on crutches for 4-5 weeks. Sure I can walk without them, I’m just not supposed to. I never noticed how many steps are in our house. It won’t stop me from sculpting! Someday I will rise again!!!

This isn’t my x-Ray but a good shot for showing the approximate area of the fracture.
Hopefully I can post my real MRI soon.

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Klim said...

I did something just as silly trying to show my 5 year old a break dancing move...