Thursday, May 3, 2007


How do you decide when to use sculpey or clay? I love them both, usually if I need to do something super smooth, with sharp detail I’ll use Hard Chavant clay. There are methods using a mini torch, alcohol,(I will show later) and freeze spray to get excellent results. Super sculpey can get really smoothed out,but a little too gummy for super detail. I’ll bake it then sand it down, use patching compound to get a real nice shape. I mostly use SS if the figure is a maquette for production art. Or if I want to fully paint and photograph a piece before I mold and cast.

Angry Clobber Monkey is a good example of SS piece that was fully built painted and photographed. I can make molds, cast and assemble the rest of the run and still have a finished pic of the final character for show and tell while I'm still working.

“Happy Product” was a prototype for Mark Osborne based on the characters in his animated short “More”. This guy is so super smooth! Chavant NSP clay for sure.

Next week! The Mystery Sculpt! Revealed! Yahoo!


Jessica said...

Holy crap! I remember the Osborne video that this guy came from. I think they used to show it on the sci-fi channel's short films. Is this for sale?

Dave Pressler said...

The "Happy Product figure was supposed to be released by Android 8
I finished the Prototype for Comic Con 05. I'm not sure what happened.

klim said...

all the A8 projects kinda went into the limbo....


great Bloggins dude


Dave Pressler said...

Thanks for the good word Klim!