Monday, July 23, 2007


Technology has never been so dumb! Stupid Little Robot Buddy is at your service. Ready to help but ends up wrecking your stuff. I’m making a grand total of 35. Signed and number all hand done by me. 2” inches tall,filled with eager stupidity, and packed in a nifty box. Available at SDCC at the Munky King booth.

I’ll be there at the MK booth THURS. JULY 26th 3pm to 4pm and Fri. July 27th 3pm to 4pm. And just milling around aimlessly Thursday through Sat.
See Ya There!


Anonymous said...

I wish you'd put out a "So very angry" toy, rather than a "Bender" ripoff.

Dave Pressler said...

Bender Ripoff?
Awwwww, now who's So Very Angry?

foosh said...

anonymous posters are kinda lame... making rude comments and hiding...

i personally love it and am praying i can find someone to get me one... or that dave finds a place for me in his heart and sends me one :)

Anonymous said...

I think the Futurama people should be angry ;)

Yes, "Bender ripoff", D.

And it's not a rude comment, foosh. It's a comment.

Dave Pressler said...

Hey Foosh,
I have a couple left over from SDCC
contact me through my website and I will gladly sell you one!
Thanx for the support

Don Solo said...

This is hilarious... wish I'd of read about it sooner to possibly grab one.